Meet our Team

Jeff Hoeppner

Business Development & Account Executive

Among the things I love most, food (particularly BBQ) and coffee are just below my family and friends. When I’m not at the office, or helping run our retail store (Work: Skate and Lifestyle), I do my best to be outdoors with our 2 boys, a huge slab of meat and a barrel smoker. Ribs, Brisket, or pork shoulder, they all make me very happy.

Business runs through my veins (much like coffee). I always have a business plan on the go (ask my wife) and spend my time talking ideas with friends and acquaintances. If it’s not a new idea, I challenge myself with finding creative ways to fix broken systems; a new process or small change could be the answer.

I have been privileged to be able to mentor in business; sharing some of my success and failures to better equip others is an honour. So…If you’re up for a coffee, I would love to talk business with you!

Sherri Hoeppner

Project Manager / Accounting

I consider myself the ‘office mom’. I like to think of myself as a ‘duck on the shelf in a row’ type person; organization just to the edge of OCD is where I can be found. My husband (Jeff) and I have been studying business and marketing for about 12 years, and I am a firm believer in being the example in business that you want to see around you. 

I have learned in a number of situations that honesty in business is always the best policy. That, coupled with clear and upright communication are a big part of a successful business relationship. I am passionate about being a leader worth following, and count each day as a privilege with our team.

Our 2 boys are my world, and although my work/life integration may not be for everyone, for us, it makes for a full life!  I love structure at home, and at work, and love to spend my time with family and friends at our home. 

Moses Rietze

Graphic Designer / Developer

Graphic design is my passion and lead me to design college. Since then, I have spent the last 7 years in graphic, print and website design, and added website development in the last 3 years. This has allowed me to see a project come together; from start to finish. 

Illustrations, among other things are something I like to spend time on. I have had the opportunity to illustrate 2 of my co workers and a couple people in our community. I have also been able to design a couple of t-shirts and skateboards.

I have been known to spend the evening (and maybe some of the night) gaming online, golfing, playing tennis or drawing.

Cassie Gelean

Graphic Designer

I am the proud owner of a husband, a hairless cat, and small human. I inherited a love for art from my dad and have been drawing since I can remember. I discovered graphic design in high school and received my degree in Graphic Design at Red River College. 

It was there that I learned design is about more than just making things look pretty, it’s about communicating a message. I strive to design with purpose and intention. I love working with other creatives and using their individual talents to bring together a project.

Above all that, I’m am a lover of punk, caesars, and tacos. And I will almost certainly lecture you on the importance of folder organization. 

Jayna Derksen


I’m a developer at Helium. I have always been interested in technology, and at 18 I started freelancing for other companies as an independent contractor. I have been part of this team for 3 years. There is nothing better than a day full of good music and coding for me. I love seeing websites and their functionality come together.

On the weekends, you’ll find me reading a book or watching documentaries or food shows with my husband. If I’m not there, I’ll be hanging out with my family – especially my adorable niece, or on the computer brushing up on my development skills. 

I haven’t used this skill a lot, but I can say the alphabet backwards in 3.27 seconds.

Jen Elson

Client Development

I have a son named Kale, a partner named Andre, a Boxer named Gracie and I throughly enjoy understanding consumer behaviour, content organizing and gaining a deeper understanding of our clients businesses. I lived in the GTA and found my way to rural MB about a year ago. I have my Honours from Mohawk College in Business Marketing. I have also just gained my certification in Wedding Planning and Coordination. As a side, I advocate for always doing something with a purpose, and have been known to bust out in a Disney song randomly.

Anita Fehr


As a certified personal trainer and online accountability and fitness coach, I love helping others reach their personal goals. I am fascinated by online marketing and social media strategies and love to continually challenge myself in these areas. Learning is a lifelong process.

When I’m not in the office, you’ll find me baking in my kitchen, working on a new personal best at the gym, or checking out the latest book on personal development. Evenings are often spent at the rink or wherever my kids passions lead me to cheer them on. I never knew how much I’d enjoy being a hockey mom and have learned to never say never….because you really don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I am a very proud mom to three great kids and a happy wife of 22 years to my husband, Bevin.

Although wife and mom top my list of hats worn, I’ve also been a dental assistant, optometric assistant and personal trainer.

My perfect day begins with a great cup of coffee and ends knowing that I’ve made a difference in the day I was blessed with.

Tim Wall

Graphic Designer

Hi, My name is Tim, or Timn for short. I’m married to a beautiful woman, have 2 dogs, and enjoy playing guitar, among other instruments. I started in design and illustrations about 4 years ago and have been hooked ever since. I love clean, communicative design, and have worked on a number of projects in those areas, and am excited to work on website, print and logo projects collaboratively. Other than that, I am a pretty big video game nerd, so you’ll find me around a flat screen on the weekends.

Kristi Dueck

Project Manager

I’m a self described old soul. The things that make me happiest in life are spending time with my family, baking and curling up with a good book and steaming cup of tea. My husband and I were transplanted back to rural MB shortly after our beautiful daughter, Finnley, was born. I think we’ve all adjusted to the slower pace quite nicely; our dog, Mulder, is definitely enjoying his backyard.

I’ve worked in customer service since I was 15. I enjoy meeting new people and building relationships both personally and professionally. I’m big on organization (almost to a fault) and like to see things come together from concept to completion.