Websites are often the first point of contact a person may have with your brand. Your website may act as an information booth, an online sales person, or a shopping and buying experience. 

Our strategy is first to determine your target audience.  Who are they, where do they already look for what you offer and how do we best present what they are looking for to them?  

Once we know that, we plan so that your audience is never more than 3 clicks away, and that a visitor can find it intuitively. (There’s plenty of research to suggest that if a person cannot find the information they’re looking for quickly and efficiently, they will move on to the next company that offers the same, or a similar product or service to you.)

We build custom websites, and use the WordPress content management system for our clients to easily perform text updates, post blogs and news items, change photos, and more. When any security vulnerabilities are reported, WordPress works immediately to fix the issue and then releases an update to keep your website secure. 

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