Trade shows and events are two separate things, however, a number of the pieces required are the same. What it comes down to is planning and details, details, details.

Everything a person comes into contact with in your trade show space (including which shows you are or are not at) reflects on your brand. Taking those details into consideration and taking control of them puts you in the drivers seat for their overall experience. 

Planned design will ensure that your booth layout is open and allows people to feel welcome and not crowded is not an easy task. 

Once we know why we are at each tradeshow, and how we plan to best engage our visitors we can plan what materials need to be set in place, including structures, banners, table covers and a number of other materials.

*Something to consider is choosing a soft flooring material for trade shows and opening the space for customers to come into the space and feel the soft flooring under their feet as opposed to the hard concrete they have been walking on all day. 


What was true of tradeshow strategy is also true of any event.  There has to be a plan in place, and it has to enable the goal!   We are firm believers in being sure that an event serves a purpose.  Every dollar should be going towards enabling the goal of the event. 

Rental considerations need to be part of your initial date planning so that you know all of the pieces of the puzzle will come together on the appointed date.  

In addition to invitations, event branded print materials for the day and announcements (whether digital or print), branded promotional items are a great addition to further promote your brand. 

For events hosted in a rented venue, ensuring that the bathrooms are clean, garbages are emptied, making sure it’s generally in good repair is important. This too is a reflection of your brand.