Logos speak

By Connie  |  December 29, 2017

Your logo will be the visual voice of your business or organization for years to come.

A few questions to ask yourself when seeking the perfect logo:

Is it simple?

The more simple your logo, the easier it is to remember, and the less work your brain has to do to remember it. Simple does not mean that it was not well thought out. On the contrary, it takes skill and much planning.

Does it speak the language of your business?

If, for instance, you own a spa, you shouldn’t go with aggressive colours and harsh lines. Your logo should represent tranquility, just as your spa does. This may be done with rounded fonts or circular elements.

Do the colours represent your business well?

Colour sets a tone. There is psychology to colours. Each colour triggers an associated feeling such as trust, strength, professionalism, loyalty and so on.

Are the colours you’re using accurately relaying who you are to your target audience?

Are you able to use it in different areas consistently?

For example, if you have fine detail or too many colours, you may lose the detail, depending where your logo is going. Consider how will it be used on everything from clothing to stationary; vehicles to pens. Reproducing your logo on various mediums is done with different methods, and at times, fine detail is lost. 

A part of marketing your business is visual branding, and that means consistency. When you picture an old western movie, you may remember seeing cattle being branded. The cattle were being marked for life (thankfully now we have better alternatives to branding cattle), but the point remains. When cattle get branded, we know who they belong to.

Your logo works the same way. You see a logo, and you know who it belongs to. Your business is marked. The more you see it, the more this image is “branded” into your brain. Neural pathways in your brain are actually forming, causing a memory and attaching a feeling to the logo, and to your company. If the image is constantly changing, the visual branding will be lost and sadly, forgotten. 

When creating or revamping your logo, team up with someone that understands colour and its emotional ties; someone that understands the many platforms it will be subject to and how it speaks to the market you want to be in front of.  Take the time now to to create an image that will last.

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