Professional Fun

By Connie  |  January 12, 2018

Are you having fun in your workplace? Are your staff/team having fun as well?

If you know me (or the Helium staff) you know that we like to have fun. As humans, we have many different versions of what fun might look like. What might be fun for one may not be fun for another.

So, just for “fun” (see what I did there?) I looked up the definition of ‘fun’ and this is what I found:

something that provides mirth or amusement, enjoyment or playfulness.

I’ve often been accused of having too much fun. Life is after all about balance, so, truth be told, sometimes (ok, often) I lock myself in a room with no distractions in order to focus and get work done. Thankfully, a good portion of my job is heading out to be with people, and fun is always a part of that for me personally. I continue to work on balance. 

That leads me to this question: What does professional fun look like to you?

Whatever that is, I encourage you to put that fun into your day, every day. It will put a skip in your step! For some, crunching numbers is fun. For others, organizing is fun, and there are other that find brainstorming fun. What you do for fun is not the point, as there are a number of different things that people enjoy.  It is interesting to learn to appreciate each other’s versions of fun. It makes the world go round!

So ask yourself, are you having fun? What does fun look like to you? Is your staff or team having fun? Ask them what fun looks like for them!

Implementing professional fun may be the best employee retention plan yet. Energize your workplace with balanced professional fun!

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